Snow Peak DnD Dice Set 4 Dungeons and Dragons, Critical role dice d20 polyhedral dice set Mountains Cold Frost Ice

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These lovely dice are white like snow with flecks of black "rock" peeking through. Painted with silver numbers for a frosty look. Great for frosty, snowy, or icy characters. This is a full 7 piece polyhedral dice set and can be used for games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or other Tabletop Role Playing Games.

Makes a great gift for a friend, dice goblin, fellow player, or dungeon master!

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- Here’s a story for you - The cold wind whipped across her face like an icey knife as she turned to face the mountain peak. Her hood flew back and her long auburn hair began to whip violently behind her. “How can anyone live in such a place?!“ She exasperatedly shouted at the mountain. No response, just the horrible sound of that awful wind trying to push her down again. She pulled her hood back down around her face and tightened her scarf around her face- then stepped begrudgingly forward a few more steps.

Her feet crunched through the snow yet it was hard to hear with the volume of the wind. Finally she rounded the top of the rocky mountain just as she thought her toes might fall off from the bitter cold they felt in their boots. Through the flying snow she could just barely make out a dark brown shape in the distance. “Is it finally you? “ She silently said. In her heart hope began to steam up in a small trickle to warm her body. “It’s better be you!”