PIRATE Gold Dnd dice set, d20 Polyhedral dice set - Dungeons and Dragons dice- Pirate Dice PRE- ORDER

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This is what you've all been waiting for.... Pre -Orders are now open for our EXCLUSIVE PIRATE designed dice sets!

PIRATE GOLD is a themed around gold, adventure, and greed. Many a brave and adventurous man and woman have set out to gain their fortune, but the lust for treasure overpowers many. Gold and greed go together like old friends.

Featuring skulls of dead pirates,gold flakes from lost treasure, and bright gold numbering. Made in a special mold featuring a hand drawn skull d20 and d6.

These are designed by Kristie of Adventurers Woodworks and ONLY available in our shop!

Each set contains 7 polyhedral pieces as shown.

This is a pre-order. Dice will begin shipping in late-April or as soon as our kickstarter pledges are fulfilled- and will be sent out on a first come, first serve basis -but we are VERY fast! :D Once shipped, your item will be tracked via USPS tracking