Sea N Sand Dnd dice set, d20 Polyhedral dice set - Dungeons and Dragons dice- Ocean Beach Mermaid Seashell Summer Shell-1

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ocean magic,resin,sparkle
SEA n SAND is a gorgeous layered dnd dice design inspired by the beach sand and waves! A magical place is where the ocean meets land and the sea foam washes onto the shore. First is a layer of gorgeous golden "sand" with a slight hint of pink shimmer. Next is a semi transparent layer of "sea foam", and on top of that is some gorgeous turquoise "water". Perfect for mermaids, summer collections, or an ocean vibe.

A shell logo is on the 20 and 6

This design was brought to life as part of our Kickstarter in 2020. Thank you to our wonderful patrons who funded the production of this design and believed in us!

These are designed by Kristie of d20 Adventure and ONLY available in our shop!

Each set contains 7 polyhedral pieces as shown.

Available in your choice of GOLD or COPPER numbers

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