Beholder Eye Dnd dice set Handmade Sharp Edge Liquid Core eye balls

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beholder eye balls,resin
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These are handmade, sharp edge, liquid core eye ball dice! Each clear blue tinted resin piece has an eyeball inside which spins within clear liquid. The eyes move back and forth each time they roll and will make you laugh and love them at the same time. With these dice You’ll always feel like someone’s watching you!

The d4 is a pointed sharp piece- not a classic pyramid. Each piece has painted numbers.

You will receive a complete set of 7 polyhedral pieces as shown. Perfect for play with Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or other tabletop role playing games.

Makes a great gift for a friend, fellow player, or dungeon master. These are super unique!

Eye balls Plucked ethically from beholders who passed due to natural causes or who had to be put down due to aggression towards innocent villagers.

*We are a very small family business of just three people! Your support and visit to our shop is truly appreciated. Every purchase directly impacts our family.

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