Galactic Dream Sharp Edge Dnd dice set, d20 Polyhedral dice set for Dungeons and Dragons

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A presentation of infinite possibilities is given to us every night as we gaze upon the darkened sky. A canvas of numberless stars and galaxies that invoke unending strands of fate, and limitless cycles of growth, death, and rebirth. Galactic Dream is imbued with that boundless hope and the infinite possibilities of the starry night sky. Galactic Dream is a Hand Made Sharp Edged set made of red and blue resin dice filled with Iridescent stars and glitter. The edges are sharp and not rounded, so be careful to not step on them as any hit is a critical hit. Each set comes in a metal tin to ensure it maintains its beauty, and that they won't escape, when not in use. Each set contains 7 polyhedral pieces as shown. SHIPPING *If you place an order with multiple sets of dice which include a PRE-ORDER, the entire order will ship when the entire order is available. If you wish to receive the in-stock dice sooner, please place separate orders :) *Hand Made by our production partners