MOSSY BONES dnd Dice set 4 Dungeons and Dragons TTRpg, SKULL Polyhedral dice set for Tabletop role playing games - tiny bone skulls inside!-2

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These dnd dice are so unique! Made with crystal clear resin filled with tiny skulls! Buried in the earth, moss has begun to grow over the bones. The spirits of these lost souls will aid you in battle! Perfect for necromancers, wizards, or anyone who loves Dungeons & Dragons! Painted with bronze metallic numbers for easy reading. Each dice has a tiny skull inside.

It's fun to see the faces and shapes magnified differently as you move the dice around and look through the different facets (edges) of each dice. The ghosts of the dead give power to any who wield these dice! Perfect for necromancers, teiflings, wizards, or anyone interested in the darker arts. Makes a wonderfully unique & charming birthday, or anytime gift!

This 7 dice set contains one of each: d20, d10, d12, d6, d4, d8, d10 percentile. The skulls are filed with resin to prevent most imbalances in the dice although these are not precision made metal and so they will not be perfectly balanced.

There is a tiny skull emblem in place of the number 20, on the d20, and in place of the 6 on the d6. Really adds some extra charm! Designed by Kristie of Adventurers Woodworks

>> >Available in 2 options<<<
1. Bare: moss & tiny skulls only- copper font (RESTOCKING SOON)
2. Gilded:moss,skulls,and gold flake-gold font

>>Some of the faces may be covered with moss and every set is unique! . <<

Adventurers Woodworks is a made up of me and my wife and our 5 kids. We love creating stores for each of our dice sets and sharing our love of tabletop gaming with our family and all the new friends like you! Your purchase makes a direct impact on our family.

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