Tears of Passion dnd dice set for Dungeons and Dragons, sparkly flake fairy hot pink ttrpg critical role-1

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As she sank into his arms she realized she really had been missing his embrace. He gently squeezed her shoulders and placed his chin on her shoulder. They both seemed to breath a deep sigh of relief at the same time. A tear welled up in the corner of her eye as she thought about how much she missed him… how much she… loved him. Yes she was in love even though she hadn’t admitted it to anyone. As the realization set in and she felt the warmth of his chest pressed against her, her small tear turned into a stream of beautiful drops.

This is an absolutely GORGEOUS dice set! Hot pink "tears" (sequins) are suspended in clear resin. They seem to change color as they flash in the light. Painted with silver numbers for easy reading. This is a 7 piece polyhedral set as shown. Great for Tabletop Games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder RPG, or any other game that uses polyhedral dice. These make a unique and fun gift for a fellow player, friend, guildmate,or dungeon master.

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