Swamp Water Dnd dice set for Dungeons and Dragons d20, Polyhedral dice set for TTRPG dungeon master critical role gaming

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hidden dangers,resin
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This design features green-tinted resin with swirls of coppery brown and deep green swamp colors. The light shines through the clearer parts and really lights it up, while the darker areas remain mysterious- just like the hidden waters. Painted with gold numbers like the cattail stalks near the edge of the water... Beware of venturing too far into the swamp... who knows what adventures and terrors lie within. It's been said that something, or some THINGS make their home here. Only the bravest tread this land where water meets earth and a brown stinking squelch.

This is a complete 7 piece polyhedral set as shown.

Perfect for tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other tabletop Role Playing (TTRPG) games.
Makes a great gift for a friend, fellow player, or Dungeon Master!

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