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yummy rolls,resin,sticky rice
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This polyhedral dice set will cook you up some winning rolls every time you play! Great for dnd or any tabletop rpg game. The little particles inside the resin look just like tiny grains of sticky rice in a sushi roll. This dice set is so unique and fun, and sure to put a smile on anyone's face. We take pride in finding unique gaming gear! Great as a gift for any sushi loving adventurer from barbarian to bard.

These dice are imbued with the hunger of anime characters. Always in anime whenever they get to eat--they eat a TON-more than humanly possible! I think fighting must burn up a lot of calories! This dice set harnesses that hunger and turns it into power! Power which causes enemies to turn on their own in their insatiable hunger like zombies.

Our dice sets are hand picked for our shop to compliment our beautiful and sturdy handmade dice trays and towers. We are a husband and wife team who love to share our passion for tabletop role playing games with our 5 children and new friends like you. Please send us a convo and say hello!

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