Shadow Fire dnd dice set for Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game - dark elf mage tiefling dragon fire rogue shadow-1

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This deliciously dark dice set features gorgeous holographic foil suspended in clear black resin. The silver numbers offset the darkness, making them easy to read. This dice set reminds me of a dark still night...all is quiet in the blackness when a spark appears to brilliantly light up the night. The air becomes warm around the flame as it grows brighter in intensity. It's light casts shadows all around. The black darkness is filled with a glorious array of colors and sparks - until the spellcaster suddenly extinguishes her flame and the darkness is all around once more. It also resembles moon light or star light.

Perfect for rogue characters, tieflings, dark elves, spell casters, or any other character. The look of these dice is just... :D These dice can be used for tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons and DRagons, Pathfinder, or other games that use polyhedral shaped dice.

Available in BLUE or BLACK resin base

-Dark black/blue resin with foil inclusions and silver numbers
-Black resin with foil inclusions and silver numbers

This is a full 7 piece poyhedral set.

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