Selkie Dnd dice set 4 Dungeons & Dragons. Polyhedral cute SEAL sea lion animal dice 4 Tabletop gaming critical role

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This adorable dice set features tiny seals floating atop sparkling blue ocean water. In mythology, Selkies are mystical creatures who transform from seal to woman. Like a mermaid, they live a life shared with the ocean, yet often long for a life on land. Celtic lore says that a kelpie takes off her seal skin to walk the land as a woman on two legs. When she returns to the water, she puts it back on again. However if her skin is stolen, she will remain a woman forever. These dice are great for anyone interested in folklore (especially european or celtic) and make a great gift. Painted with ocean green numbers for easy reading Each set includes 7 polyhedral dice pieces to make a complete set When you make a purcahse from our shop, you are directly supporting our family! We are a team of 3 people, not a big business. SHIPPING We ship via USPS with tracking