Pound of Dice (Random) Loose Dice, Dice by Weight, Dnd Dice set, d20 POlyhedral DIce. Bulk dice - assorted dice

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A whole big pound of assorted dice!! These will include an array of beautiful designs and styles- resin and also acrylics.
Designs may include:

-Solid Colored

Polyhedral pieces from all sizes represented. Some may have slight flaws such as thin paint/paint missing in some of the numbers.
/inclusions off center.

D20, d10, d6, d8, d12, d8, d4, percentile

This is a bag of loose dice by weight. It will include new and old designs- some that have been discontinued. You will get a whole lot of dice! Enough to make several sets. Measured by fitting in the bag.

>>>> PLEASE NOTE <<<<< that this listing is for a pound of completely RANDOM pieces - not sorted by shape. For instance you might get mostly d10's and a few of the other pieces, or perhaps only a few d20's but lots of d12's... it's completely random. WE have another listing for a pound of dice where we try to get equal amounts of each kind (as possible with what we have). You can find that listing by searching in our shop for "pound of dice".

This random bag may or may not have a matching set included depending on availability.

Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other Tabletop Role Playing Games