ILLUSION Polyhedral DIce Set for DnD Dice Set, Dungeons & Dragons Dice, Galaxy Dice

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Featuring shimmering rich deep blues and greens set in richly colored acrylic. At first glance from far away this polyhedral dice set seems all dark blue or black with beautiful gold numbering, but upon closer inspection you will see that different shades of blue and green appear as moved through the light. Once you see it, this dice set is a bit reminiscent of looking at the earth from up in outer space. Contains 7 dice pieces for a full set.

ILLUSION contains the power of illusion spells and loves to play tricks on the eye and mind. Spellcasters will especially enjoy using this dice set although it's powers are enjoyed by all types of characters from bards to barbarians. Druids may use the powers of illusion to disguise themselves in a forest. Warlocks may use these dice to enhance their already powerful spells. Bards may change their appearance to be more flamboyant, comical, or seductive.

Our dice are perfect for anyone interested in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other tabletop role playing games. They make great gifts and always put a smile on someone's face :D Pick one up for yourself, and another for a friend--if you buy two or more sets you'll receive a free dice bag!

Your purchase directly impacts my family and helps me continue to be able to design and make handcrafted items I love so much. I've played D&D for over 20 years and love sharing my passion with my 5 children and new friends like you!

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