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These GORGEOUS liquid core d20s will mesmerize each time they roll. Each handmade d20 is filled with a shimmering liquid that swirls around inside whenever it is dropped or rolled. These are SO FUN!

Perfect to add to your dice Goblin collection. Makes a great gift for anyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or listens to Critical Role. Can be used in any tabletop role playing game TTRPG or other games that use a 20 sided dice.

Available in 4 colors with a choice of number color:

Black with Silver or Gold numbers
Purple with Silver or Gold numbers
Light Blue with Silver or Gold numbers
Silver with Silver or Gold numbers

*Please know that Liquid core dice have to “warmed up” before they are used for play. When they are left sitting in one position (like during shipping) the sparkles tend to separate from the liquid which creates an imbalance. All that is needed is to roll the dice several times and give it a few shakes and it’s good to go! You’ll know it’s ready when you see the liquid moving easily inside. This is the case with all liquid cores that have any kind of shimmer or sparkle

*Please note also that there will be a small air bubble in each piece to allow for movement. What's inside your dice DOES Not affect roles as much as you might think it might- how hard it hits and the surface of the surface it's being rolled onto have the largest affect- but these are not meant to be perfectly balanced.

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