Koi Fish dice set, dnd dice set for tabletop gaming - Asian inspired Dungeons and Dragons dice - tabletop gaming dice set

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Tiny koi fish swim in a mossy pond in this awesome Asian inspired dice set! Your choice of either (red and white) or (black and white) fish and pond moss are encased in clear resin for each piece. These would be perfect for a monk, anime lover, or anyone who loves asian traditions such as koi fish. Sitting by a koi pond is tranquil and peaceful, and the fish are said to bring good luck and prosperity!

Makes a great gift for a friend, fellow gamer, party member, Dungeon Master, or yourself! Each set includes 7 polyhedral pieces as shown.

Since the moss is natural it will vary in color from green to blackish. >> Some d6's from this production may be cloudy <<

A d20, d12, d8, d6, d4, d100, and d10 are included- every piece you need to play Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or other popular Tabletop Role Playing games.

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