Fish Bowl Dnd Dice Set 4 Dungeons and Dragons - DRuid NAture Koi FIsh FOrest ASian

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sparkle,resin,iridescent fish
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This unique design is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Colorful gold, white, and red koi and goldfish swim in blue water, complete with added touches such as algae and sparkling gold sand. The fish have a reflective quality that is very striking- just like the shiny scales of a real fish! Swimming fish emblems appear on the d6 and d20. Every thought was put into making this a unique and fun design.

Goldfish and Koi have long been considered to bring good luck and fortune to those who care for them. May the luck carry on into your dice rolls!

Perfect for anyone who loves aquariums, koi, Asian lore, or just nature.

* Designed by Kristie and EXCLUSIVE to our shop!

The 7 piece set is a complete Polyhedral set with a d20, d6, d8, d4, d12, d10, and percentile. The 11 piece set includes the complete polyhedral set + an extra d20 + 2 extra d6

Great for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other Tabletop Role Playing Games (Ttrpg).

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