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dandelion seeds,illusion,hues of blue and purple,acrylic
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Dreamy blues and light purples wrap around each other in a soft embrace in this polyhedral dice set. The colors have a soft shimmer which is really pretty. Perfect for anyone who plays dungeons & dragons, pathfinder, cthulhu, or any other tabletop role playing game. Our dice are unique, fun, and well balanced, and make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas :D

Dream reminds me of a peaceful daydream. Children often pick dandelions and make wishes while imagining adventures. Although it has a peaceful and soft aura, this dice set also holds deep powers of illusion. Just as a child can be caught up in a daydream and lose their mental presence in the mortal world, the powers of these dice can cause enemies (or friends if you aren't careful-though this makes fora great funny story) to enter a trance state. While in the trance, the person or creature is unaware of his/her surroundings and cannot take action or move.

This 7 dice set contains one of each: d20, d10, d12, d6, d4, d8, d10 percentile.

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We only work with production teams that offer fair wages and good working conditions to all their employers to make our dice dreams come true. These dice are designed specially to compliment our original handmade items.

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