DnD Dice Set ACID SPLASH, D&D dice set, RPG DIce Set -Green Black Ink , Polyhedral Dice Set for Dungeons and Dragons

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black ink,green ink,microglitter,tesin,acid
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ACID SPLASH is a fun and quirky dnd dice set featuring green and black ink swirls suspended in crystal clear resin. Swirls of tiny green micro glitter light up inside each dice when the light moves around them and have a really mesmerizing effect. Painted with gold numbering, these dice are wickedly cool. When wielding these polyhedral dice, characters will have the ability to spray acid out of their hands at opponents- causing paralysis and necrotic damage. These rpg dice look like a magic acid potion :D Perfect for anyone interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other tabletop role playing game.

Makes a wonderfully unique & charming Christmas, birthday, or anytime gift!

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