Death in Paradise Dnd dice set, d20 Polyhedral dice set for Dungeons and Dragons-flower Skull Moss -Pirate Island

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DEATH IN PARADISE is all about a lush jungle that is now a graveyard. Flowers and plants grow over the bones of those unlucky travelers who were lost in it's jungles or deserted island. Beautiful blue flower petals and skulls are encased in clear resin with green plant material that is in varying stages of "decay". Plants may be bright green to sage green to bleached white to add to the deadly theme. They have been sun bleached like the weary travelers bones. Each set will be unique! Painted with bright pink numbers for a tropical feel. You will truly love the feel of this design!

These are designed by Kristie of Adventurers Woodworks and ONLY available in our shop!

Each set contains 7 polyhedral pieces as shown.

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