D20 Dice Sticker, MAgic POtion Vinyl Decal, Dice Decal Sticker 4 DUngeons ANd DRagons

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These gorgeous holographic stickers feature a potion vial containing a magical d20! The colors change as the sticker is moved- it’s pretty rad.

These are so fun and quirky, they’re sure to bring a smile to anyone who’s ever played dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, or any other ttrpg or tabletop role playing game. Great as a gift for players or for your Dungeon Master!

Designed by Kristie

These are the perfect size at 3x2 inches and made from vinyl so they are water resistant and durable. Great for decorating laptops, books, windows, character sheets, and mugs! This would look rockin on your pint at the game ??