Copper Scale DNd DIce set, Metal dice , Polyhedral dice set for Dungeons and Dragons RPG, ttrpg -- solid metal & heavy!

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enamel,alloy metal,Dragon Scales,Silver from a Dragons hoard
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Truly a dice set fit for a Dragon Hunter! These dice are so fun to look at! The Copper metal mixed with the Dragon scale background is simply incredible. Each side is covered with a thin shiny coating of enamel finish to protect the color (please note that tiny dings and scratches may be found on each dice and are typical of this metal). The numbers are raised upon each face for easy reading.

Our Copper Scale Mail metal dice are similar in size to our other dice sets with a good feel to their roll. The d20 is the largest of the set and the d10's have a very unique and interesting shape that is quirky and slightly different than most polyhedral dice. Since these dice are made from SOLID metal and are very near to perfectly balanced, more so than with acrylic or even resin dice.

This dice set is the perfect gift for someone looking for a unique and very special gift. Perfect for anyone interested in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other tabletop Role Playing Game. Our dice are sure to please! We work with several manufacturing partners to make our dice dreams come true.

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