CASTAWAY Dnd dice set 4 dungeons and dragons, d20 polyhedral 7 piece dice set - nature theme - ocean Beach pirate Mermaid Sailor Druid dice

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Castaway is a lovely earthy design based on the ebb and flow of the ocean and our lives. Shells wash up on the beach, leafs are carried down stream, gulls fly overhead…you never know where life will take you. Sometimes you feel lost or abandoned but life has something in store for you - an Adventure is yet to happen

This design would be perfect for a Sailor, Pirate, Mermaid, or any character who feels the pull of nature or a path leading them ahead.

**Filled with REAL moss, shells, and seeds! There is a shell emblem on the d6 and d20.

*there may be some minor cloudiness in the resin in some pieces from the natural materials

These are designed by Kristie of Adventurers Woodworks and ONLY available in our shop! These were able to be created as part of our 2020 pirate themed Kickstarter

Each set contains 7 polyhedral pieces as shown.

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