Blue TORTOISE Dnd dice set 4 Dungeons & Dragons. Polyhedral cute Asian mythology turtle animal dice 4 Tabletop gaming critical role

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Gargantuan Dragon Turtles that prowl the seas leaving sailors and ships trembling in their wake are not the only legendary shelled creatures to roam the planes of existence. The Blue Tortoise is believed to be the descendant of the Creation Tortoise. Legend says that those who stumble upon one will have the strongest desire of their heart fulfilled, a wish spoken only by the strings of one's heart. Will you take these into your hand and let them test your own fate? Perhaps you too will have your hearts wish fulfilled!

Makes a great gift for any nature-obsessed character, the whimsical, storyteller, myth lover, or someone into unique and cute dice. Perfect for Tabletop gaming - Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other Role Playing games or board games.

Each set includes 7 pieces as shown. A d20, d10, d12, d8, d6, d100, d4.

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